Content Management System

Having the ability to maintain the content of your own website is a great way for you to take control of your own web marketing. With our own custom CMS or WordPress, Joomala, drupal or any third party CMS, we can make managing a website an easy task even for the technically illiterate.


Do I need a Content Management System?

A CMS is not necessary for everyone, but anyone can use it. If you:

•    Want to make updates myself, on your own time

•    Need website updates several times a month

•    Want to maintain a blog


…then a CMS is a likely a great option for you.


Why WordPress?

We have played with many CMS available both free, open-source and paid. One of the primary reasons we like WordPress is because of it’s huge community which improves the core functionality very quickly. They also provide a large plugin directory which extends the possibilities of WordPress with features like calendar systems, advanced contact forms and so much more.

Also important is the ease-of-use in the administration area for our clients. We don’t want to hand over a website for you to maintain that requires a BS degree in Computer Science or even much training at all. Many of our clients don’t require any help from us to learn how to manage their website content with WordPress.


Introducing Hostleb CMS!

After years of working with WordPress we realize it is does not always fit our clients needs. Some clients just want advanced web sites… and the ability to make some simple text changes themselves, add articles, images animations. So we setup Hostleb CMS: A full featured hosted content management system that lets you manage content, setup contact forms, maintain a blog, manage photo galleries, sell products, manage calendars/events and so much more!

Not sure which CMS is right for you? Request a quote, describe your project and we’ll help you decide which option is best for you.


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